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79% brand reputation , has become one of the few successful minority .Born in the Lenovo brand promotion department veteran Xu Lei described in the mall , Xu Lei and in January 2009 officially joined Jingdong Mall , responsible for marketing , had to Jingdong Mall marketing consultant.At present , many luxury goods companies encounter greater difficulty is because China is an emerging market, they are difficult to find more than 10 years of experience in the local management talent . Authentic goose parka expedition " Japanese industry called "subversion of traditional Japanese clothing retail " myth." Now INDITEX Group has become the largest clothing companies in Spain , ZARA s is open all over every corner of the world.Why businesses are now looking for love association ? Because of association or to maintain administrative , under the banner of departments to go outside assessment that this assessment , companies are willing to bite , or the protection is sought asylum .

"The whole banana ," Rosen is still the best-selling dessert products.Suning Tesco executive vice president , said Li Bin , the audience free Suning Tesco implement "Singles " promotion during the freight, according to an 20 -fold growth targets 2.With respect to the use of coupons unrest during the Spring Festival , the Festival s major shopping malls Hangzhou use coupons a lot of significant cooling ."F1 commodities across the board listed in Shanghai

They will be luxury culture called " the biggest highlight of the French modern culture " , precisely because of this cultural creation of "soft power" , France was able to continue to attract the attention of the world. canada goose mens parka What kind of category and brand fit it go fast fashion line ? Addition to the clothing brand , in fact, clothing , food, FMCG , and even cosmetics can learn from "fast fashion" brand management ideas.So even if raw material prices led to violent cotton soaring prices of clothing limited to the impact of the terminal .

2014 Hot Sale canada goose bird "For example , the summer hot product comparison stimulate appetite , usually sell better .Even small grassroots entrepreneurs , they are doing , they are building a new Internet -based e-commerce infrastructure .F1 Shanghai F1 fans afraid not buy merchandise related to the brand .Crocodile leather products which because of less LOGO, but low-key style of luxury , the GUCCI has been relatively popular gift choice, but now has become the most serious decline in sales category .